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What to Do After a Car Accident in New Rochelle, New York

While you hope to avoid car accidents, you should still be prepared for what to do if you are in one. Whether or not you are injured, you should follow a few crucial steps. These steps to take after a car accident will come in handy when it comes time to file with insurance or if a car accident injury has delayed onset.

Stay at the Scene

The first and most important thing to do is stay at the scene. Do not leave the scene of a car accident in New Rochelle. The only exception will be if you are seriously injured, in which case you need to leave the scene in an ambulance, not your car. Driving away from the scene can lead to serious legal consequences.

Pull Over to a Safe Spot

Instead of leaving the scene of the accident, pull over to a safe spot on the side of the road. Put your vehicle’s flashers on so other drivers can see you’re stopped and don’t accidentally crash into you.

Call the Police

Even if the accident is minor, with no significant injuries or damage to your car, you need to call the police. Injuries after car accident incidents do not always appear right away. Some, like whiplash, can take days to develop. There’s also the possibility that you will miss damage to your car or an injury initially in the stress of the moment. In these cases, calling the police creates a record to help you get financial compensation.

Calling the police also ensures that the facts of the case will be documented. This protects you against false claims from the other party in the future.

Document Everything

Once the police arrive, describe the accident in New Rochelle in as much detail as you can. Be as accurate as you can without guessing. Also, when talking to the police, do your best to ensure everyone else also gives accurate statements.

Before the police leave, get the number for the police report.

The police will record the accident, but there is other important information that you may need to obtain. As such, the most critical steps to take after a car accident include documenting everything. Start by taking pictures of the damage to your car and the other car involved, or lack of damage. Take photographs of injuries, any damage to nearby objects, skid marks on the road, or anything relevant. It would be best if you took pictures of various angles.

Write, draw, or record a video of your account of the incident. If there are witnesses, ask for their contact information.

Exchange Insurance Information

You always need to exchange insurance information after a car accident in New Rochelle, NY. Get the other driver’s insurance information and give them yours. At the same time, get their name, address, and phone number.

This is also the time to confirm you have the other driver’s vehicle type, model, and color written down. Get the car’s license plate number and the other driver’s license as well.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Car Accident Lawyer in New Rochelle, New York

You will need to contact your insurance company to let them know you were in an accident. Depending on your policy, you may be required to do this right away. Otherwise, there will be a short time frame, such as several days, in which you must report the accident.

Get Medical Attention

You always want to get medical attention after an accident. Even if you don’t have any apparent injuries, you should make an appointment with your doctor to get checked out to  make sure that there are no hidden injuries. If any of your injuries could be serious, go to the hospital instead of waiting to make an appointment with your general physician. Serious injuries after car accidents require immediate treatment. This is especially true in the case of potential head injuries or broken bones.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

It is always wise to contact a lawyer after a car accident injury as well. Ideally, you should talk to them before giving your insurance company too many details. While you need to notify your insurance company about the accident immediately, you can typically wait to provide a more detailed statement. It would help if you did this with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will use their expertise and knowledge of your injuries after the car accident to help with your statement.

Working with a car accident lawyer in New Rochelle, NY is the most effective method of ensuring you receive fair compensation if you are injured in an auto accident. They know the relevant laws in New Rochelle, including what your insurance will cover and what the other driver’s insurance will cover. They will help you avoid lowball settlements so you get the financial compensation you are entitled to. This lets you focus on healing any injury after the car accident instead of worrying about legalities or money.

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