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Can an Uber Car Accident Attorney Help With My Lawsuit?

Can an Uber Car Accident Attorney Help With My Lawsuit

Since March 2009, passengers have depended on Uber ride-sharing to get them where they need to go. Beginning more recently, people are also using Uber Eats to have food delivered. These services are very convenient for users, and their popularity is still growing.

Because Uber services depend upon automobiles, there is always the chance of a car accident and serious injury, especially in congested areas like New York City. If you suffered injuries in an accident involving an Uber driver, you might qualify to receive compensation for your damages and medical bills.

Depending upon the circumstances, Uber accident victims can potentially recover compensation from Uber’s insurance in addition to the driver’s insurance coverage . Contact an experienced Uber accident attorney to see if your case qualifies.

How Does Uber Work?

Uber is a company that connects drivers with people needing a ride or wanting a meal delivered. These drivers are independent contractors in the U.S., meaning they are self-employed.

How Does Uber Work

Uber drivers are required to follow state laws to purchase auto insurance and in New York City the Taxi & Limousine Commission imposed additional requirements on drivers. Uber itself also provides additional insurance for Uber drivers. Uber-provided auto liability insurance coverage falls into two categories.

Available Drivers

Drivers who are active but waiting on a ride request receive third-party liability coverage from Uber if the driver’s personal policy doesn’t apply. The amount of insurance coverage available depends on where the ride initiates and what policy of insurance will be applicable to that ride.

En-Route to Pick-Up and During Trips

For drivers who accept ride requests, Uber’s insurance provider has a higher level of insurance that kicks in from the moment they begin traveling to pick up their fare.

This higher coverage includes:

  • Uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage for bodily injury
  • Comprehensive and collision insurance if the driver also maintains a personal policy with these coverages
  • $1,250,000 third-party liability coverage

What About Uber Eats Drivers?

Uber Eats delivery drivers can receive the same kinds of insurance coverage from Uber as ride-sharing drivers. The amount of coverage they could have varies tremendously so be sure to speak to an attorney at Sattler Law Group as soon as possible after an accident. 

Are There Different Kinds of Uber Accidents?

Besides the varying insurance coverage for Uber drivers, a motor vehicle accident can involve consumers in different ways.

Uber Passenger

Uber Accident New York

Regardless of who causes the accident, if you are injured in an Uber vehicle that was involved in a collision in New York, you will recieve coverage for your medical bills and lost wages from either Uber or the personal car insurance for the driver . The coverage limits are different for each state, but it should pay for most or all of your medical expenses.

If your injury is severe, requires long-term medical treatment, or has lifelong consequences, ask the personal injury attorneys from Sattler Law Group to assess your case to see how much compensation is available.

Driver or Passenger in Other Vehicles

If an Uber driver is negligent and that negligence causes an accident while they are working, you can file a claim against Uber. Laws regarding an individual driver’s personal insurance policies while driving commercially are tricky.  Please ask our New York Uber accident lawyers for more details.

Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Motorcyclists

Uber drivers can cause accidents that injure bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. If negligence is the cause of the collision, injured accident victims can request compensation from Uber. Again, the driver must be working for the Uber coverage to apply.

How Can an Uber Accident Attorney Help?

As you can see, circumstances can dictate the amount of insurance coverage a driver can rely on from Uber. To find out if you can expect compensation from the driver or Uber, you’ll need to obtain records that show if the driver was working when the accident occurred.

How Can an Uber Accident Attorney Help

Getting those records yourself can be challenging, but we at Sattler Law Group routinely handle records requests similar to these. If necessary, we can also obtain copies of the driver’s cell phone usage to determine if they were using a phone immediately before the accident.

In addition to obtaining these records, we can:

  • Determine whom you can seek damages from
  • Search for and gather other pertinent evidence
  • Speak to insurance company representatives on your behalf
  • Assist in filing insurance claims and other related paperwork
  • Negotiate a settlement or represent you in a court proceeding
  • Provide you with helpful information and advice

Although recovering compensation from an Uber accident may seem complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Consult with a Sattler Law Group attorney to find out what your options are.

When Should You Contact a New York Uber Accident Lawyer?

Each state can set a statute of limitations for claiming damages resulting from car accidents. In most instances and in New Jersey, you’ll have two years from the accident date to file a claim for damages. However, New York accident victims have three years.

When Should You Contact a New York Uber Accident Lawyer

If a loved one passed away due to injuries sustained in an Uber accident, you can file a wrongful death suit against Uber within two years. Ask your Uber car accident attorney if this applies to your loved one’s situation.

Don’t Insurance Companies Pay Without Legal Involvement?

Unfortunately, insurance carriers don’t want to pay victims voluntarily for their damages. They often count on the fact that many survivors don’t know their rights and offer meager settlements, hoping to pay only a minimal amount.

Another strategy that insurance companies routinely use is to speak to those involved in accidents and attempt to use tricky wording to get them to say things that will hurt their chances of recovering damages. Your attorney can eliminate the worry of saying the wrong thing by handling all communications with insurance carrier personnel.

A knowledgeable auto accident lawyer can spot underhanded insurance company tactics and strategies aimed at taking advantage of accident victims. The attorneys at Sattler Law Group won’t let these providers get away with those tactics. Instead, we will aggressively negotiate to obtain maximum compensation for our client’s damages.

If we can’t reach a reasonable settlement agreement, we will litigate your case in court. We will do whatever is necessary to defend your rights to compensation.

What Is Negligence?

We mentioned that you could potentially recover damages if you sustain injuries in an accident caused by a negligent Uber driver. From a legal standpoint, there are criteria to meet to prove negligence.

  • The person causing an accident owed you a duty of care.
  • That person failed to provide that duty of care due to negligent behavior.
  • You received injuries in an accident.
  • The guilty party caused the accident that resulted in your injuries.

You may wonder what duty of care refers to; it means that a person should act in a way that others would reasonably act if facing the same situation to refrain from causing harm. In the case of auto accidents, the law requires that every person who gets behind the wheel of a car must drive safely to reduce the risk of injuring anyone.

There are many ways that drivers can fail to provide a duty of care. Unfortunately, accidents caused by these negligent drivers can severely injure people.

What Are Common Kinds of Driver Negligence?

What Are Common Kinds of Driver Negligence

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can take many forms, all of which can cause accidents. Defined as things that take a driver’s attention away from traffic conditions, the road, and the act of driving, distracted driving can include:

  • Daydreaming
  • Talking to or looking at passengers in the same vehicle
  • Eating or drinking
  • Using a cell phone
  • Looking at scenery
  • Grooming activities
  • Searching for items in your vehicle


Speed limit signs advise drivers of the maximum speed legally allowed on a particular road. For example, these limits are in place to protect against collisions between vehicles and avoid cars hitting pedestrians in subdivisions.

Drivers can experience difficulty maneuvering and stopping vehicles traveling at higher speeds. These circumstances can easily cause collisions. If your Uber driver was speeding and caused an accident, report this to your Uber accident lawyer.

Fatigued Driving

Fatigued driving is more than just being tired at the end of the day. Fatigue is a physical condition that makes it very difficult for a person to focus clearly and react quickly. It is usually caused by being awake for extended periods or periods of extreme exertion.

Driving while fatigued is compared to driving under the influence of alcohol as far as the physical impact on a person and the limitations to safe driving that it presents. People who drive while fatigued are negligent because they can’t safely operate their vehicles.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Alcohol consumption and taking mind-altering drugs when driving is illegal; it’s also considered negligence. Some prescription medications can cause similar effects to taking illegal drugs, so be sure to check the warnings that come with your prescription.

If you suspect an Uber driver of operating while under the influence, report it to Uber. If that driver causes an accident and injures you, be sure to report your suspicions to your Uber car accident attorney at Sattler Law Group.

Failing to Follow Traffic Laws

Failing to Follow Traffic Laws

Many people think of traffic laws as suggestions, not rules they must follow. Failure to comply with these laws can cause accidents that result in injuries or fatalities. Accidents can occur if drivers:

  • Fail to yield the right of way
  • Merge improperly into ongoing traffic
  • Don’t stop at red lights or stop signs
  • Speed up at yellow lights rather than slowing down
  • Turn into oncoming traffic in the wrong direction

Reckless Driving

Those guilty of reckless driving usually combine excessive speeding with other blatantly dangerous behaviors, such as weaving through traffic, tailgating, and erratic steering. Even if they aren’t traveling over the speed limit, reckless drivers go too fast for road conditions in some circumstances. Driving fast in heavy rain or on icy roads are examples, as is traveling at high speeds around blind curves.

Why Are Reaction Times Important?

Most of the negligent behaviors listed above can cause delayed reaction times. When driving, your reaction time is the length of time it takes from when you become aware of a potentially hazardous situation and the time that your vehicle reacts to your actions, whether steering or braking.

If a driver’s attention is away from the road for five seconds, much can happen. A car traveling at 55 miles per hour can travel 100 yards in five seconds. That’s the length of a football field. Other vehicles can merge in front of you or begin to slow during that time. A child can enter the street chasing their dog.

If you’re not looking at the road constantly, you’re much more likely to be unable to react in time to avoid a collision if any of these situations arise. A car traveling at 55 mph needs approximately 300 feet to come to a complete stop. You might hit that child or another vehicle if your attention is elsewhere.

What If Inclement Weather Is Present?

Inclement weather can indeed cause accidents. Blinding rain, water pooled on roadways, thickly falling snow, and snow and ice buildups on roads are all dangerous conditions.

Part of driving safely is knowing that there are times you need to slow down and pay extra attention to the road. If a driver is negligent, they can still be held liable for accidents they cause in inclement weather.

Do You Know What To Do if You Are Involved in an Uber Accident?

Those involved in any automobile accident, including those with Uber vehicles, should do a few things immediately afterward.

Help Others

Collisions can injure multiple people. If your injuries allow, try to help others by providing first aid. If that’s not possible, try to assess the condition of others so you can provide accurate information to the 911 operator.

Call Police

Call Police

If someone else in your vehicle hasn’t already done so, call the police. Report pertinent details to the operator, including your location, the number of vehicles in the collision, and the physical condition of other people involved in the accident. The details you provide can help save a life.

Gather Evidence

Accident scene evidence is crucial for any car accident personal injury claim. Use your phone to:

  • Record witness statements
  • Make a recording of your recollection of the events leading to the collision
  • Take photos and videos of all vehicles, damage to these vehicles, injuries, witnesses present, roadway conditions that may have contributed to the accident, skid marks, weather conditions, and any other details present that can help in an accident investigation.

Exchange Information

While it’s normal for drivers to exchange insurance information if an accident occurs, Uber accidents present the possibility of an Uber passenger being injured. In those cases, Uber passengers need to obtain contact and insurance information for all drivers involved in the wreck.

Accept Medical Attention

Many people don’t think their injuries sustained in a car accident are severe when they are. Not all injuries are visible, and some develop over the hours following a collision.

For most accidents involving injuries, dispatchers send medical personnel to the scene. Allow them to examine you to assess your condition. You might have internal bleeding, a concussion, or other condition that a professional can diagnose. Treatment for these otherwise unknown conditions might save your life.

Another benefit of an immediate medical assessment is that the report can serve as a baseline for a potential car accident personal injury claim. This report can prevent insurance companies from claiming that you didn’t receive your injuries in the accident.

Consult an Auto Accident Attorney

Consult an Auto Accident Attorney

A successful auto accident claim uses a lot of evidence, much of which is easier to find immediately after the collision. While you can wait to consult an attorney, doing so right after your wreck allows us to begin gathering evidence quickly to start building your case.

Why Should You Trust Sattler Law Group as Your Uber Accident Lawyer?

With nearly 30 years of experience, Sattler Law Group is fully prepared to competently handle your Uber accident claim.

Sattler Law Group offers free consultations. We will listen to the facts of your NYC Uber car accident and injuries and give you informed advice on how to proceed and whether a personal injury lawsuit is appropriate.

If you choose to hire us, we will use all of our extensive resources on your behalf and provide you with dedicated assistance for your case. In addition, you won’t pay us any fees unless we win your case.

Why Should You Trust Sattler Law Group as Your Uber Accident Lawyer

We at Sattler Law Group understand that you might not be able to come to our offices due to your injuries, so we can come to you if that’s more convenient. We want all of our clients to get the legal representation they need from our law firm so they can obtain the compensation they deserve.

We invite you to reach out to us 24/7 by live chat or calling us at (914) 239-4900 or (212) 766-4484 at our New Rochelle and Manhattan offices, respectively. We always have a Spanish speaker available to talk to you. You can also submit our free case review request form.

Give us at Sattler Law Group the opportunity to show you why so many injured accident victims turn to us for legal representation. Contact us for a free consultation.

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